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Cannon timing belts from polyurethane are carried out with steel or Kevlar and are used as transport or transmission belt. The production from high-quality material together with the high standard, quality guaranty the basis for and customer-oriented product alternative as a result of which orders a broad scale of commitment be covered can.
Endless ordered timing belts with special connection technique (conische finger) or without connection look after desired application spectacularly possible original appetite strength.

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All properties and advantages in a overview:

  • High wear and cut proofed
  • Maintenance arm
  • High appetite strength
  • Low noise
  • Very well chemical proofed
  • High functioning working degree (till 98%)
  • Commitment temperature of -5°C till +80°C
    (Standard material)
  • Insensitively for wet, UV and ozone
  • Influence durably against greases and petrol

tandriem  tandriem  Tandriem