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Endless Belts

In much cases the bests: no connection!

Cannon endless woven belts without seam or connection such as transport belts, transmission belts, spiral winding belts and high speed cable belts  can be produced for example with Polyurethanes, PVC, IKLUPAN, Silicones or cell rubber to be carried out.
We produce endless woven belts from example polyester, cotton, polyamide, glass fabric, flax, Nomex or Kevlar (Aramid fabric). 


Our products have the following advantages:

  • Small drum dia meters  
  • Optimum life span
  • Homogeneous surface without hardening and compressive
  • Extreme high appetite tension
  • Quiet link course
  • Deliverable in hardness of approx. 35° to 90° Shore A high
  • Multi-purpose application
  • Durably against a lot of acids and lay
  • After choice material high temperature-durable-driven

Final processing, sharpens labor as milling and perforates (own tool construction) is possible. appetite oars with V milling resing on the top side around our program finished.
For years we produce among other things. endless wear woven belts with on the topside cut proofed IKLUPAN-80-lining, which used as belt for beam oars (reel links) in the steel industry it is successfully already proved itself.